Do you stutter? Be the best you can be. Give yourself that chance!

The city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands was the set for our full 3-Day Intensive Course in the Benelux region. Our second intensive course for 2017 The course was instructed in Dutch and was attended by 5 new students and approx. 55 returning graduates, who returned to help the new students, and to polish and reinforce their own techniques in making them the best possible speakers they can be. And as we told the new students from day one, to become the best possible speaker, it will take practice, practice and more practice. And that’s what we did! We set them on the path to greatness, one step at a time.

Happy people in Eindhoven, The Netherlands after working hard on their speech, practicing their techniques in the real world.

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. – Vince Lombard

Once we had learnt and practiced the techniques we could introduce the physiological aspects and combine both the physical and the physiological aspects and have both working hand-in-hand. Putting into action what we practiced in training.

It’s important to talk a bit more about practice. The more we practice the right way, the more we’re creating routine(s) – or “muscle memory” as coaches call it. Our brain understands sequence and our nervous system reacts more quickly as the pathways are grooved. The more this happens, the better we become at the task at hand and the more natural it all becomes to us.

Practicing our craft has to be done with a level of respect for how we’ll perform in reality at all times. There no ifs, ands, or buts.

The only way to achieve our maximum performance potential is to train our body and mind to do so over and over… and over again.

When you want to learn a new skill or just get better, you have to be willing to put in the proper steps for effective practice. And that’s what we do on our courses and the follow-up support.

There are obviously people who are naturally better at certain things than others – they have talent, that’s indisputable – but no one can achieve great heights without lots and lots of practice. As Malcolm Gladwell said in his book ‘Outliers’, you need 10,000 hours of practice to be great. Or, really, to even have a chance at being great.

Give yourself that chance with us! Join us for our next course in Nijmgen, The Netherlands in November 2017