Ensuring the McGuire Programme is for you.

The once-off membership fee is payable on the second day of your first intensive course. If you decide on the second day that the programme is not for you, there is no further charge, except for your accommodation. Some regions require a non-refundable deposit to cover administration costs and some regions require payment upfront before the course commences.

The current cost for lifetime membership of the Programme varies worldwide. Follow up support is free of charge, except for attendance at further intensive courses, which are subject to a small "Refresher Fee" that may change and varies between regions (refer to cost below for details). There are also certain conditions required for you to maintain your membership such as participating in the evaluation process that you can clarify with the Regional Director.

Minimal fees may also be charged for support group meetings and refresher days: these costs are not part of membership fee.

region ONCE OFF PAYMENT membership FEE (WITH No expiration Date) refresher fee For Members Only
Australia $2,530au (incl GST) $100
Canada US $ 1,850 US$ 40 p/day
Germany 1.490 € (Brutto)
1.252 € (Netto) 19,00% MwSt.

30€ p/day
80€ for Full Course

India INR 100,000 TBC
Ireland (incl. Northern Ireland) €1,200 €20 p/day
Middle East (MENA Region) $2000 TBC
Mexico (Latin America) Pesos 20,000 MXN TBC
New Zealand NZ $1,990 TBC
Scandinavia DKK 12,000 DKK 200 p/day
South Africa ZAR 10,000 R100 p/day
Spain €1200 TBC
The Netherlands € 1490 € 20
Turkey $ 1,750 $ 30 p/day
UK North/South (excl. Northern Ireland) £900 £20 p/day
United States of America $1,850 $40 p/day