Rory West
Rory West
Kildare, Ireland

First Course:
Belfast, October 2007

Now with the techniques I have learned, I can control my stammer and communicate well within my work environment.

Rory West is my name and I’m 28 years of age. I am originally from Dublin, but now live in Co Kildare.

I have been challenged by stammering since the age of four. My speech problems began with having trouble pronouncing words and sounds and over time through school, the problem developed into a stammer.

My parents were concerned and wanted to get me help. I attended speech therapy for 8 years which for me personally didn’t work. Around my family I was in my comfort zone, with my family doing all my communicating for me.

My major problems were outside that comfort zone within a work environment. Work was a place that I had to make my own calls and communicate for myself.

Every day involved lots of avoiding speaking situations. Avoiding meetings at all costs and walking miles in work rather than making a phone call.

The phone was the biggest fear for me, I remember phone calls where I was asked my name and the struggle just to get Rory out was unbelievable.

Sometimes it was that bad I would change my name just to end the pain for me and the listener. This became my life and it was my way of dealing with my stammer.

In early 2007 I started a new position in work as a supervisor which required me to communicate with employees. This was the point that made me want to do something about my stammer as I struggled to communicate.

In October 2007 in Belfast I attended my first McGuire course and became a member of the programme.

The programme has given me the technique to overcome my stammer. But apart from stammering the programme has giving me a number of tools to communicate well in life.

Since October 2007 I have become a manager in work which means lots of meetings and presentations which before the programme would have been avoided at all costs.

Since becoming a member of the programme I am now a coach and course instructor on the programme which allows me to give something back and help new members of the programme.

Also I have instructed 3 courses so far and I look forward to instructing more courses in the future.