Accepting and Understanding their Stutter in Lima

Filled with expectations the 5 new students met on June 14th at the San Blas Hotel in the city of Lima, welcomed by Alfredo Gonzalez and 4 graduates.

Superando su tartamudez en Lima, Perú

There were 4 men (2 overt and 2 covert) and one woman (covert), their ages went from 21 to 41 years old. Two of them travelled from Spain and Ecuador just to join in the intensive course.

When the graduates talked in front of the new students on the first day, you could see in their faces that they knew they were in for a treat.

On Thursday morning the last remaining new student joined the course, as well as another graduate who came to practice, support and be an example to the new students along with the other graduates.

Days went by and little by little the new students started changing their attitude and they started to understand and accept their stutter.

On Saturday we had the presence of one more graduate. Just in time for the Public Speaking Challenge, which turned out to be very emotional and freeing. Everyone shared their experiences and thoughts with the people on the street who responded positively.

To end the course, everyone made a commitment to keep in contact and Keep Moving Forward!