"Of all the bad, there is something good" -New Student from Chile's Intensive Course

The fourth intensive course in Santiago, Chile ended with great succes! With 6 new students taking the next step to change their lives for the better; 1 women and 5 men, 1 with an covert stutter and 5 with an overt stutter.

There were also 6 graduates to keep getting better at the Sport of Speaking and to support the new students in their journey.

On Wednesday the new students arrived and they sat down to listen to the course instructor; Alfredo González. Thanks to his empathy, an environment of trust started building up between the new students and their course instructor. Then the new students faced their first challenge with the First Day Video, where two phrases were really remarkable.

I feel that I’m not the person I really want to be.

Of all the bad, there is something good.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday went by with hard work from each and every one of the new students as well as support, help and advice from the returning graduates.

It came time to say goodbye. Family and friends gathered in the room and the new students shared their testimonies. A big smile and happiness was noticeable in each one of them when they stepped to the front of the room.

And that’s how 6 new graduates concluded with success their first course.



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