Breaking the Ice in Mexico City!

Another McGuire Programme Intensive Course took place in Mexico City on Wednesday night, May 3rd, 2017, with graduates who came back to stregthen their speech and support the new students.

We had the presence of 2 New Students who were nervous and somewhat skeptical of what was waiting for them for the next 3 days.

Thanks to the 9 graduates who came back, the brave new students were leaving their fears behind little by little and were ready to break down the stuttering iceberg that kept them company for a long part of their lives.

Even though they were days of intense hard work, the new students never gave up and the graduates were always there to support them and help them understand their stutter.

On the last day, you could feel the atmosphere of genuine happiness in the room, everyone was filled with gratitude towards themselves for being brave and for taking a huge step to better their lives.

Thanks to Dave McGuire for sharing this with us and to all the McGuire family for keeping each other in the road towards happiness!



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