December 7th, 2016 was held the 4th intensive course in the city of Bogotá, and the 5th course in Colombia and was the point where valiant warriors from all over the continent converged.

With the presence of countries like Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia. Under the direction of Alfredo Gonzales, 7 people attended the course fully looking towards the road to eloquence or looking for the means to be able to improve. Were 3 new people decided to take the reins of their life and not be trampling by our ongoing life companion (stuttering) plus 4 McGuire graduates that decided to return for freedom, bravery and continuous support.

The work performed by our instructor and the graduates was extremely hard, and at the same time very rewarding; the opportunity to help other people that share a life experience with stuttering over only 3 days, to accept each other, to really set a mind print that we are people who really worth tons!

After 3 days of hard work and continuous persistence; giving a hook in the jaw stronger and stronger to stuttering! Each day the course built up more and more intense but no one surrendered! This has perhaps been our strongest weapon during these years of difficulties. With this courage all arrived to the last section of the course, where all the attendants found the true meaning of courage and freedom!

They were 3 people full of fear, doubts and resentment who arrived to the capital of the Colombia, and thanks to the magic of the McGuire Programme all travelled back home full of happiness, confidence, and with the most important of all: self-acceptance and self-respect; with the most important motto tattooed on the mind: Beyond Stuttering!








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Director McGuire Latinoamérica


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