Reunion Of Graduates And Uncover A Little Giant

On Wednesday, November the 23rd, 2016 started the third intensive course in the city of Cordoba, Argentina with Alfredo Gonzalez as Instructor.

There were four graduates that came back to take the course, and Ivo, a new 12 year old student. Everyone was expectant about the course, some sought to maintain control, other to overcome a relapse and of course the new student, find the tools to have more confidence, control, peace, and self-acceptance.

During three days we worked with a lot of effort and dedication but also with something that not everyone had live before, the possibility of transmitting our experiences to the new student. Really emotional moments with the phone call and the graduation, there was not a single person in that room that didn’t let their tears fall down.

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The peculiarity during this course was that it was the first time there’s been a simultaneous course in Latin America; in Cordoba, Argentina and Torreon, Mexico. We couldn’t let the opportunity pass so there was a video call between the two courses where the students from both places were able to greet each other.

Thanks to the McGuire Programme a new student went back home on Sunday with a huge smile, satisfaction and transformed in a little giant that has no problem in saying to the world “I’m a person who stutters and I’m working hard to overcome it.”

There are now 10 graduates in Argentina and Uruguay that are on the road towards eloquence and, above all, PLAYING TO WIN!


Ariel Kohan


Ing. Alfredo González G.

Director McGuire Latinoamérica

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