Birmingham, McGuire Programme UK North Course, 1st-5th March 2017

The first UK North McGuire Programme four day, intensive, residential stuttering therapy course of 2017 was held in the Royal Angus Hotel, Birmingham, from Wednesday 1st until Sunday 5th March 2017. The course was instructed by Paul Paluch and organised by Mustapha Cham. Eleven brave and committed new students attended their first McGuire Programme course in Birmingham and conquered their fears and learnt to control their stutters and developed new habits that will lead to eloquent and articulate speech.

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Introductory Session, Wednesday 1st March 2017.

Paul Paluch, Course Instructor, introducing himself to the new students and returning graduates.

Wednesday 1st March 2017 - Eleven apprehensive new students arrived at the Royal Angus Hotel in Birmingham to begin their first McGuire Programme four day, residential, intensive, stuttering therapy course.  The new students were the usual mix of some displaying obvious, overt, stuttering behaviours, and others trying their hardest to hide the fact that they stutter by using tricks and avoidance strategies to keep their stutters covert.  All faced their fears and gained control over their stutter.  The overts gained control and the transformation over the four days was remarkable.  The coverts learned to stop avoiding, stop using tricks and enjoyed being able to say what you want to say, when you want to say it and how you want to say it.

The course was instructed by Paul Paluch.  Paul;s first McGuire Programme course was in Edinburgh in April 2002.  He spent many years attending courses and gaining experience and advice froom the support network in Lancashire and other areas of North West England.  He became a coach on the McGuire Programme and first instructed a course in Cardiff in 2013.  By the time Birmingham 2017 came around he had instructed in the UK North and UK South regions and also spent a lot of time instructing McGuire Programme courses in India.

The Birmingham course was orgainised by Mustapha Cham.  Mustapha has only been involved in the McGuire Programme for a couple of years.  He attended a free information session in York before he committed to attending a course.  His stutter was severe but he handled all the speaking opportunities connected with the organising role with ease.

Over the four days of the course over eighty graduates of the McGuire Programme came along for some or all of the course.  Most attended to work on their own stutters.  Some came along to help other people.  For many, it was a combination of helping themselves and helping others.  Everyone worked hard and achieved great things, both in sessions on the course in the hotel and out on the streets speaking to the friendly people of Birmingham.

The next UK North course is in Newcastle upon Tyne, 21st-25th June 2017.  Derek Bowler is instructing and Michael Batley is organising.