Bristol course gives another buzz to all people involved.

Course Instructors Victoria Griffiths-Price and Angie Allbones speaking at the public speaking during the Bristol Course.

Its always hard to believe just how successful our courses are even though it has helped every one of us on the programme.   Seeing the body language of new students on the Wednesday evening and just how much they struggle to speak or have to avoid words and sounds to pretend to be fluent is hard to see, however the changes in their speech control and confidence is remarkable.

This course was organised by Lee Misciali.   Lee did a great job supporting Matt Wilton by taking all graduate bookings and making sure the course ran so smoothly.   Lee was one of the best organisers we have had, dealing with any issue thrown at him.

The Bristol course ran by the amazing duo of Angie Allbones and Victoria Griffiths-Price proved a huge success for new students and graduates who attended.    Victoria and Angie lead from the front but the coaches who attended did a great job coaching and supporting all 14 new students who joined our programme.

The main focus on courses has always been the new students who attend for the first time however this course has plenty of help support the graduates who returned to another course to work hard on their speech.   The 7-8 hour graduates session run by James Caplan and Sam Dowsing from Thursday lunchtime proved a huge success and lots of split session for older graduates were run throughout the course.

The public speaking on the Saturday was really emotional and inspiring with all the new students showing the courage to speak in front of the public while using the techniques taught to them.

Staff Training was also held during this weekend.  This was run by Hannah Reed, Matt Richardson and Greig Goldman and proved really successful.   The programme is always looking for new ideas to add to the great training that we have ran in the past and all the new ideas implemented were a huge success.  

We also played McGuire coach and graduate Jessie Stride's new song 'control' to help inspire the new studnets and graduates before they challenged their speech on the streets of Bristol.    This popular and inspirational song about Jessies journey coping with a stammer will be out soon on itunes and we hope it will help raise awareness of the McGuire Programme and stammering/stuttering in general.