Newcastle upon Tyne Goes Beyond Stuttering...Again!

The McGuire Programme UK North intensive, residential, stuttering therapy course took place in Newcastle upon Tyne from Wednesday 21st until Sunday 25th June 2017. This was the sixteenth consecutive annual course in Newcastle upon Tyne and this time it was instructed by Derek Bowler. The 8 new students all did extremely well and overcame their stuttering difficulties. They had a wide range of covert and overt stuttering behaviours on the Wednesday evening. By Saturday afternoon they were all enjoying speaking and could speak eloquently to over 100 total strangers.

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Jessie Stride running a session on the McGuire Programme UK North course in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Once again, for the sixteenth consecutive year, the McGuire Programme UK North region ran a four day, residential, intensive, stuttering therapy course in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Eight new students attended on the Wednesday evening and eight transformed new students went home on the Sunday afternoon.  The course was instructed by Derek Bowler.  Derek's first McGuire Programme course was in Dundee in 2007.  He soon became a coach and course instructor on the McGuire Programme and has previously instructed courses in Wigan, Dundee and Washington DC.  The course was ably organised by Michael Batley from Leeds.

The new students were taught the physical part of the McGuire Programme approach on the Thursday.  This gave them a much more robust and reliable way to speak.  They were also taught how to attack feared words and sounds and how not to avoid sounds, words or speaking situations.  Our Big 4 weapons to use against our stutter were instructed, drilled and practiced - costal breathing, hit and hold, block release and deep and breathy tone.  By Thursday evening the new students were in control of their stutter.  This was made possible by the fantastic coaching, support and advice given by the coaches who worked with the new students throughout the day.  The McGuire Programme is role model led.  All the instructors, coaches and graduates of the Programme have stuttered themselves and come back on courses to help themselves and to help the new students.  Some coaches on the course have been coming back for over ten years.  There are still active members of the coaching team whose first courses were back in the 1990s.  This experience is vital - people who have stuttered teaching people who stutter how to control their stutters.

Friday dealt with the psychological aspects of stuttering.  Non-avoidance, assertiveness, self acceptance and disclosure were all covered in depth.  The new students then went out into the city centre of Newcastle upon Tyne with a coach to observe what can be achieved in the real world.  All the coaches spoke to over 100 total strangers and demonstrated all aspects of the McGuire Programme technique.

By Saturday, after a morning of hard work learning how to lett go and have fun speaking, the students hit the streets themselves, accompanied by their ever supportive coaches.  By 6pm all of the new students had spoken to over 100 total strangers too.  They were in control of their stammers and were enjoying their new found freedom.  They all also tested their technique and courage by making a public soapbox speech in Northumberland Street, in front of hundredss of impressed Geordie shoppers.

As ever, it was a magnificent and inspiring four days.  Well done to all involved.

The next McGuire Programme UK North course is in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, 23rd-27th August 2017.  If you want to control your stutter and learn how to be an articulate and eloquent speaker, please sign up for a place on the course.  It will change your life if you do!