Overcoming Our Fear of Speaking in Toronto

More than 30 people who stutter worked together to make massive improvements in their speech, as the McGuire Programme celebrated its third anniversary in Toronto!

"Inspiring" is a word that can easily be overused, but it is an understatement when used to describe the efforts - and progress - made by more than 30 stutterers in Toronto, ON.  Eight new members showed incredible courage in facing their stuttering and beginning to learn how to control it - and were rewarded by doing things that they never thought possible.  Men and women from various backgrounds and cultures, some with overt stutters and others with more covert tendencies, all came together with the shared goal of finally learning how to overcome their stutters.

The new members were joined by more than 20 McGP graduates taking advanatage of their lifetime McGP support membership to both continue to help themselves, and to help the new members start down their own paths toward speaking eloquently.

Because everyone at the McGuire Programme is a stutterer - instructors, coaches, and members alike - there is a huge amount of support from people who have truly been there and made massive changes in their lives.

I've never met so many other stutterers before.  I've now seen how well stutterers like me can speak, and my goal is to speak as well as my coaches and instructors do.

The Toronto crew was an internationl affair, with McGP members coming from Canada, USA, England, Ireland, and even as far away as Scandinavia and Saudi Arabia!  In addition to attending multiple separate sessions tailored to their experience, our graduates did a fantastic job of pushing themselves forward and helping the newer members to learn the basics of the McGuire Programme technique and mentality.

This course also featured the region's 2017 staff training, where experienced graduates completed their rigorous training to become Certified Primary Coaches.  McGP coaches serve an immensely important role, as they work daily with new students during the critical weeks after their first courses, helping them learn to use their new speaking personality in the real world.

I've done so many things in the two weeks since the course that I'd never done before.  I find myself looking for excuses to call people on the phone, which I NEVER used to do!

A Toronto TV news station even did a story on those graduates - and even a couple new students! - who chose to demonstrate the remarkable eloquence with which they're now able to speak.

Congratulations to everyone who attended and put in such effort over the weekend.  The instructors and director made the course happen, but it was the graduates, coaches, and new students who made it successful and special.  Thank you to everyone!

     -Brian Sellers, McGP Regional Director, USA & Canada

Want to join us?  Awesome!  Many people are coming to our Las Vegas course, which is just around the corner - November 8-11, 2017!  Take the first step in overcoming your stutter and APPLY TODAY, as seats are already filling up!