Overcoming Our Stuttering in Washington, DC

22 brave people who stutter came together in Washington, DC, to take control of their lives and work to overcome their stuttering. Their hard work and courage inspired the thousands of people they spoke with in the US Nation's Capital, from March 15-18, 2017.

22 people came together to tackle their stutters in Washington, DC, from March 15-18, 2017!

The McGuire Programme DC 2017 crew, after putting in 3+ successful days of intensive work to overcome their stutters.

Our 2017 McGuire Programme course in Washington, DC, brought people who stutter from around the country - and around the world - together to make major strides in their journeys to overcome their stutters.

Seven new members joined the McGuire Programme and attended a McGP course for the first time, and the progress and improvements they made in their control of their speech in just 72 hours was remarkable.  They were helped by 15 McGP graduates who took advantage of the programme's lifetime membership, and returned to continue their own journeys, and to help the new members as well.

The course was led by Matt Richardson, whose caring-yet-disciplined approach - and British sense of humour - benefitted everyone in the class, from newcomers to veteran graduates.

As with all McGuire Programme intensive courses, the hard work (and fun!) just begins with the course itself.  Many new members have leveraged the programme's amazing worldwide support system to help them continue their journeys toward speaking with eloquence.  New members have already interviewed successfullly for new jobs and have given articulate presentations at school and work.  Said one new member after a presentation two weeks following the course:

It was the first time I enjoyed speaking, especially with giving a presentation!

All of our returning graduates were fantastic throughout the course.  As stutterers and McGP members themselves, they all showed great compassion and a true desire to both further their own speech and to help the new members.

All in all, McGP attendees spoke with more than 4,000 individuals on and around the National Mall, with DC's famous monuments and landmarks as a backdrop.

Congratulations to all who attended, and who gave so much of themselves for 3+ days!  This was another very successful McGuire Programme course in the US & Canada, and was a great way to start off 2017!

     -Brian Sellers, McGP Regional Director, USA & Canada

And...  Our next course is coming up fast!  We're going to the "other" Washington, and are excited to hold our next course in beautiful Seattle, WA, from April 26-29!  Feel free to Apply for that course, and to ask any questions you might have.