In 2016, 420 new members joined the McGuire Programme. While 63% of all new members were rated and verified as successful by their Regional Evaluators, 86% of those who took advantage of their FREE Lifetime Support Memberships for at least 6 months were rated as successful, and 81% of all new members reported significant improvements in their overall quality of life.


The McGuire Programme welcomed 420 new members in 2016.

86% of those new members who took advantage of their FREE Lifetime Support Memberships for at least 6 months were rated as successful. 81% of all new McGuire Programme members attributed an increased Quality of Life to the McGuire Programme and their improved speaking abilities.
63% of all new McGuire Programme members were rated successful in 2016.  Note that this figure rates all non-respondents as "unsuccessful," and is what the McGuire Programme treats as its true overall success rate. Unlike the McGuire Programme, many other programs do not include non-respondents in their success rate calculations.  Using this method, 82% of new McGuire Programme members would have been rated successful in 2016.

For reasons outlined in the introduction on the previous page, we emphasize that our true success is the Audited second or third party assessment with non-respondents rated unsuccessful (i.e. 63%). To reiterate, we do NOT consider self-assessments and/or evaluations that discard non-responders/non-contactables, nor assessments done during or immediately after a first course, to be an accurate indicator of the true success of any program.

We have identified the reasons for the unusual drop in our overall success rate (74% in 2015; 63% in 2016), and we've taken steps to address and remedy them.  The McGuire Programme takes these annual evaluations very seriously, and we are passionate about constantly improving and providing our members with the best possible support, as we all work to overcome our stuttering and to speak more articulately and eloquently.

Evaluation Auditors for 2016 include: 

  • Andreas Ganderup (from Denmark): Audited Ireland and Scandinavia.
  • Sharon Gavillet (from Ireland): Audited UK South, UK North, India, Mid-East, and Germany, Benelux, Latin America.
  • Kevin Lynch (from Ireland): Audited Australia/NZ, India, and USA/Canada.
  • Alex Morales (from USA): Audited Latin America.
  • Sudeep Narkar (from India/USA): Audited India.
  • Warner van Kirsen (from Holland): Audited Benelux.

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