In 2017, 332 people joined the McGuire Programme. Of these, 245 members (74%) were confirmed to be successful by our Evaluation Auditors (B+ or higher), when they were evaluated 12-18 months after their first course. Further, an impressive 98% of people who took advantage of the Programme's included LIFETIME support for at least 6 months were confirmed successful.


The McGuire Programme welcomed 332 new members in 2017 to learn how to overcome their stuttering and to speak more articulately and eloquently..

74% of all new McGuire Programme members were rated Successful in 2017.  Note that this figure rates all non-respondents as "unsuccessful," and is what the McGuire Programme treats as its true overall success rate.

98% of those new members who took advantage of the McGuire Programme's INCLUDED Lifetime Support Membership for at least 6 months were rated as successful.
85% of all new McGuire Programme members attributed an increased Quality of Life to the McGuire Programme and their improved speaking abilities. Unlike the McGuire Programme, many other programs do not include non-respondents in their success rate calculations.  Using this method, 90% of new McGuire Programme members would have been rated successful in 2017.

Although we have several catagories of “success,” audited evaluations where non-contactables (NCs) are factored in as unsuccessful remains our most valid indicator of our true success rate.  In 2017, that success rate was 74%.  Two things about this audit are remarkable:

  1. There was a dramatic improvement over last year’s (63%) quite low audited success rate of those who joined us in 2016. Although we’re not sure why there was such a drop in success for 2016, improvements to the accountability standards of Primary Coaches and more emphasis on the follow up support are most likely the main reasons for the dramatic improvement.

  2. Five Regions achieved success rates of over 80%. These are India at 100% (Regional Director, Kaushik Valluri), Germany at 90% (RD, Emmet O’Connell), Australia at 88% (RD, Denis Wright), South Africa at 86% (RDs, Chris Meintjes and Julia Jensen), and UK South (RD, Matt Wilton).

Evaluation Auditors for 2017 Include:

  • Andreas Ganderup (from Denmark): Audited Ireland and Scandinavia.
  • Sharon Gavillet (from Ireland): Audited UK South, UK North, South Africa, and Latin America.
  • Kevin Lynch (from Ireland): Audited India, Benelux, Germany, and USA/Canada.
  • Mary Moorehead (from Ireland):  Co-audited Mid-East (MENA) and Australia/NZ.
  • Jessie Stride (from UK North):  Co-audited Mid-East (MENA) and Australia/NZ.

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