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Defeat your stammer, Awaken your force within!

Having a stammer made me appreciate the little things that matter in life. By taking the McGuire Programme, I have been on the most incredible life journey! - graduate

The McGuire Programme is an international Speech Programme with the sole focus of improving the lives of people who stammer. 

What is unique about the McGuire programme is that it takes a holistic approach to defeating stammering. If you are someone who stammers or know someone who does, this is a great speech programme to attend. It will be a transformative experience - ask any of our graduates. If you would like to learn more about the programme, fees etc., please complete the questionnaire below. 

*If you have already filled this form, and would like to reserve a seat in an upcoming course, please send a mail to* If you haven't filled this form before, please take 10min to do so now.

I recommend the McGuire Programme because it has restored my dignity, self-esteem and long-lost confidence! - MGP India graduate