Big Smiles at Sydney Course

We recently had thirteen new students attend the Sydney, Australia course in early October. Australian Regional Director, Geoff Johnston, sends this brief field report.

Sydney Course - Oct 2013

The course was four days of intensive work with outstanding results for all participants. Many who couldn't say their name at the start due to their stutter were excellent communicators by the end of the course.

During the course all demonstrated great change in their physical speech and their attitude to speaking. Whether it be talking to 100 strangers on the streets of Sydney or making a public speech at Darling Harbour, all embraced the challenges and without exception were 100% successful in their assignments.

However, the challenge is still ahead of them because the end of the course is just the start of a journey to become an eloquent speaker. The ongoing coaching and support network provided as part of their membership of the Programme will guide and encourage them every step of their journey.

The following is feedback from a parent of a young man who attended the Sydney course, just one of the many positive emails from graduates of this course... a very happy group of people!

Hi Geoff,

Hope you had a great trip home on Sunday and thank you once more for the amazing and life changing 4 days that Christopher just experienced in Sydney.  He has been McGuire focused since 4pm Sunday afternoon and what he has achieved over the last 2 days alone has been truly remarkable ... Costal Breathing each morning first thing and throughout the day, making 10 contacts day one whilst still in Sydney before 11am, ordering all my meals for me ... And on his return to school today in Perth, breathing belt on under his uniform, he spoke to his house group first thing, then all his teachers in each subject today, his group that he sits with for lunch etc, and he has arranged to speak to the whole year group next week ... Then you will be thrilled to hear that he and Bailey spoke on the phone this afternoon between Nowra and Perth with absolutely exceptional technique from start to finish, announcing their names first of course - loud and proud... So very proud of them both ... And it's only day 2 since graduation!!!  WOW!

Christopher will be phoning his coach Max at 7pm tonight too for the first of his daily calls - then later in the week he will be phoning yourself, Scott and also Skyping Dave McGuire one morning when we have Skype in place (then he and I will be attending his first support group next Thursday evening 31/10).

Thank you again, Geoff, and for also allowing me to do the whole course alongside Christopher too!  

It is a mother/son experience I will cherish for the rest of my life!


A Proud Mum.