Brisbane Australia Course - August 2014

An exciting time was had by all during the intensive 4-day course in Brisbane. Old self-limiting beliefs were banished and a group of confident and eloquent speakers emerged.

Julia's public speech

Julia's public speech on the main stage area in the Queen Street Mall. Well done Julia.

On Wednesday evening 6th August new students feeling a little anxious and graduates met at the Hotel George Williams in Brisbane to begin a 4-day intensive course to help them manage their stuttering behaviour. The introductory session went well with the objective of showing the new people that there is something that can be done about their stuttering. Instructors, coaches and graduates all demonstrated powerful and eloquent speech giving the students hope and the belief that with bravery, hard work and persistence they too could have similar success.

During the opening day of the course breathing and speaking tools were taught to counteract issues associated with stuttering including the freezing, struggle and distortion in the diaphragm, vocal chords and articulators. By the end of the day students were using these tools to produce speech without out-of-control stuttering. The smiles and belief were growing.
It is relatively easy in a controlled and supportive environment to get people to stop stuttering. However, attending to the psychological issues involved in stuttering is far more complex. Therefore an approach is required that tackles all elements involved in stuttering including the challenging tasks of taking the new skills and attitude out into real life situations.
The weekend of the course is all about developing public speaking skills and transference activities such as speaking to people in the streets and speaking in a public place. Without exceptions at the start of the course students felt nervous about these activities but were assured that when the day came to venture into the real world they would be full of confidence.
That happened on the Saturday with each student talking to 100+ strangers in the streets of Brisbane and making a public speech with PA system on the main stage area in the Queen Street Mall. The speeches were without a flaw and congratulations to everyone. For some it was the first public speech they'd ever done in their lives and to do it without stuttering is the beginning of changes in self-limiting beliefs. These changes will be built on after the course using the McGuire coaching and support network.
The last day of the course was all about allocating coaches and how to access the programme's ongoing support including coaches, support groups, booster days and future intensive courses. Parents and friends were present for final day speeches and graduation and the new graduates headed off with feelings of excitement and a little trepidation but optimism that a future without stuttering is achievable.