Diversity and Strength on Show in Sydney

The McGuire Programme rolled back into Sydney during 16-20 September, showing that stuttering does not discriminate between those it affects and that we are most certainly stronger together.

McGuire Programme Graduates

It is our differences that make us the same - McGuire Graduates, Sydney

Nine new students began the course, with great diversity in age, gender and backgrounds. Four were teenagers, three were females and six males, two had English as a second language and three were born overseas – talk about a diverse and very interesting group of people! One decided on Day Two of the course that the time was not right for them, and they left with a better understanding of the commitment and courage that is required to overcome a lifetime of stuttering.

The opportunity to attend the first day and half of an intensive course before committing to lifetime membership is one of many things that sets the McGuire Programme apart. I am sure we will see this student back on a future course all the better for their experience, and ready to move forward once again.

As is often seen on intensive courses, the individual journey and experience of each participant converge as people share their stories and realise they truly are not alone – many meeting other people who stutter for the first time. It’s is through these shared experiences that we come together, form friendships and establish life-long support networks. Many say that the McGuire Programme changes lives, but it is the personal courage and commitment to change, and to using the support networks available, that helps each person succeed. The Programme can facilitate this success, but it is together that we truly all succeed.

In the words of Henry Ford "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

Australia’s next course is being held in Melbourne, 11-15 November.