Leading Global Organisation that helps people overcome their stutter is coming to the Gold Coast, Australia!

Do you have a stutter? Do you know anyone that has a stutter?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this news may interest you the most.

The McGuire Programme is a well-known organisation that helps people who stutter, by transforming them into articulate well-spoken people, not just focusing on the physical aspect of stuttering but on the person as a whole. The McGuire Programme itself is run by people who have a stutter, all of which are long-term members of the programme, and are mostly volunteers – dedicating their own time away from work and family to help other people in their journey to overcome their stutter.


The McGuire Programme has been featured on many TV Shows, Radio, print media with the most recent ITV's 'School For Stammerers' Documentary airing in the UK and Ireland. The McGuire Programme is renowned for its success in helping people overcome their stutter, with many agreeing that although there currently is no cure for stuttering, The McGuire Programme is the next best thing. In fact, not only does it help with stuttering, but sessions involve learning public speaking and presentation skills, confidence building, anxiety-reduction techniques and many other skills training, which corporations spend millions on, to upskill their executives and staff.

Australia and New Zealand have their very own branch, headed up by Regional Director Denis Wright, who has been heavily involved in the programme for many years.

For the first time in history, The McGuire Programme ANZ is coming to the Gold Coast, being hosted at the Vibe Hotel on Surfers Paradise from 18th July to the 22nd of July. The McGuire Programme prides itself on one of their key strengths - their huge global support network.  Already having a strong support system in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane – Denis seeks to expand the QLD support network even further, by having an easily accessible and affordable venue, for people to attend from surrounding areas as well as other regions.


What may Gold Coast locals and visitors experience during the 4 days of this event?

Whenever a McGuire Programme “Beyond Stuttering” Event is run, on the Friday and Saturday, members of the programme hit the streets and talk to at least 100 strangers, asking them directions, the time or where the best place to eat is – to help them overcome their fears and anxiety, especially when speaking to people they don’t know! Secondly, The McGuire Programme will host speeches at around 1pm Saturday, somewhere around Surfers Paradise, where people that could not even say their name before the event - will challenge themselves to speak in public and inspire their audience – all of Gold Coast is welcome to attend!

The McGuire Programme looks forward to hosting their event at the Gold Coast, a beautiful and friendly city and we hope that if you or anyone you know has a stutter, you and they come join us to work together on beating stuttering and becoming great and effective communicators!


Contact Details

Denis Wright

Regional Director

Mobile: 0431110025

Email: anz@mcguireprogramme.com

Website: https://www.mcguireprogramme.com/en/au