McGuire Programme ANZ 2018 - Great start to a great journey for people overcoming their stutter in Sydney, Australia

The Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the Sydney March McGuire Programme Intensive Course - were the best places to be in Sydney from 7th March to 11th March 2018.


The McGuire Programme ANZ - revamped and refreshed with a new Regional Director, a new attitude, twelve new students and over 35 existing graduates all equated to an amazing start of 2018.


The Sydney March 2018 course was held at the Vibe Hotel on Rushcutters Bay - Commencing 6pm 7th March and concluding 3.30pm 11th of March.


Phil Jeffrey, one of the original graduates of the McGuire Programme in Australia, having done his first course in January 1999 - instructed his second solo course. Phil ran a very thorough and disciplined course, doing an amazing job demonstrating the material and always encouraging the graduates (returning members) to step out of their comfort zone and instruct a segment themselves.


The Sydney course had a great spirit with renewed energy and heart, with very supporting graduates and coaches, being a good example to the twelve very different new students, who all came to work towards overcoming their stutter and becoming eloquent and effective communicators.


Every intensive course in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide is unique in its own way, with often unique activities resonating during the days. Sydney March 2018 did not disappoint in that manner – with a new “debate challenge” being run across two days, where returning graduates got to argue whether we should all move to Mars within the next ten years or whether a full time working week should become 20 hours. Laughter, excitement, strong technique, wit, use of public speaking skills – were all abundant during the two very interesting debates. Graduates of the McGuire Programme tend to love the ability to freely express themselves, and in the process, let go, have fun and really expand their own comfort zones in ways they never imagined.


We also had a visit from a researcher at the Macquarie University, which explained the latest understanding of how physiologically stuttering is displayed in the brain and her own study on capturing brain signal patterns of people with a stutter. This segment was a great way for all of us to expand our own knowledge, and understand even better, how and why the McGuire Programme tremendously helps people with a stutter.


Overall the course was a great success with nothing but positive feedback from all participants, their family and friends. New students have completed their first step in a long journey ahead, equipped with a new speaking technique, weapons and directions to enable them in becoming the person they truly are – one that is not held back by their speech, live a quality and fulfilling life with a massive support network locally and internationally, moving towards self-actualisation and going Beyond Stuttering.


I am sure this is only the start of a great 2018 for the McGuire Programme in Australia and New Zealand and stay tuned for the next course on the sunny Gold Coast, QLD.


Hope to see you all there.

Denis Wright

Regional Director – Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)