Our Future Leaders Shine in Sydney

The Australian Programme has a bright future with five under 18 graduates leading the way at the intensive course in Sydney, 16-19 April 2015.

McGuire Programme Australia - Teenage Graduates

L-R: James Agius, Bailey Hooker, Connor Massen, Courtney Jackson, Kyle Burrows

A real benefit of the McGuire Programme is the ongoing access to coaching and support that is available after a person's first intensive course. This allows graduates to continue working on their speech with the support of experienced members of the programme, as well as attending follow-on 'refresher' courses to help those that are beginning their journey beyond stuttering.

Australia's first course for 2015 saw five junior (under 18) members of the programme stand-up and set a shining example for all that attended. James Agius (17), Bailey Hooker (17), Connor Massen (15), Courtney Jackson (15) and Kyle Burrows (17) were attending either their second or third course and each demostrated the work ethic, courage and perserverance we love to see from all participants. They were excellent role models for new students and older graduates, and gave their full attention to getting the most from the four days. Their efforts were rewarded with them being asked to lead key sessions during the course, and to share their experiences with other adolescents and adults that stutter through video messages.

Each described how they had benefited from the programme:

James shared how the course had empowered and motivated him to seek out new speaking challenges, such as giving presentations and interacting more thoroughly with people.

Bailey has overcome his fear of speaking to new people, and now enjoys having conversations with local shop keepers and their staff.

Connor says the experience has changed his life and given him much more confidence at school. He is particularly proud of achieving top marks in a recent oral presentation to his class.

Courtney has given three public speeches since her first course in November 2015. Two were to the students at her school and one was to the 2015 Lady Gowrie Conference with an audience of 500 adults!

Kyle is pleased that he no longer has to write down the destination for his bus and hand it to the driver, as he regularly did before the joining the programme.

All five of these young leaders have the potential to be excellent coaches and course instructors on the McGuire Programme in the years to come, as well as excelling in their chosen careers. It is an absolute pleasure to see them developing into mature adults, and I know their parents are even more proud of their achievements.

The parents also recorded video messages during the course, which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M5SEwPCXYw.