Public speaking in Liverpool, Australia

Flying high

Congratulations for your bravery and motivation to push on with your recovery.

Over the years, because of my involvement with the Australian Speak Easy Association, it has become crystal clear that McGuire graduates are far more successful at achieving effective communication than people who stutter treated by the speech pathology profession. There are many reasons but a few are a technique that works, empowerment rather than in a victim mentality, playing to win rather than playing not to lose, non-avoidance attitude and the important one, access to ongoing coaching and support.

My point….when you’re on a good thing, stick to it!

There’s no easy way, no miracle pill. If you have a compelling reason to transform, the discipline to practice and use the technique, and the courage to do the things that scare the pants off you, great improvements in your communication and quality of life can be yours.

If you haven’t joined a speakers’ club, I urge you to take that step. Saying you haven’t the time is the same as saying it’s not a priority.

Persist, persist…….

I’m in awe at what some McGuries are doing with their lives. Civil celebrants, professional motivational speakers and trainers, radio announcers, paramedics, laywers, etc, etc.

Inspirational!! My great pleasure to be involved.


Geoff Johnston