Success for New and Old Graduates - Melbourne May 2015

Australia's Melbourne course in May 2015 provided the opportunity for new and old graduates to move beyond stuttering and achieve speaking freedom.

McGuire Programme Australia - Costal Breathing

New students learn the basics of the McGuire breathing and speaking technique.

For many people, joining the McGuire Programme is about new beginnings. After struggling with a lifetime of stuttering, an intensive course offers participants the opportunity to learn new strategies for speaking with confidence and eloquence.

Five such people joined the programme in Melbourne, from 27-31 May. While every course has its own unique story, this one stood out as it is the first in my experience where all new students were teenagers – with three of them aged 12, 15 and 16. This can be a tough age for those joining the programme, as there are many pressures and competing demands facing the youth of today. Each of these young men, however, showed great courage, commitment and a very real enthusiasm for moving beyond stuttering! This was rewarded with fantastic results, with each making personal breakthroughs that have lasted well beyond the 4-day course.

Personal breakthroughs were not limited to the new students. Gerardo Demarte attended Australia’s very first course in 1998, and was instrumental in setting up the initial support networks for the programme in Melbourne. As often happens though, ‘life happened’ and Gerardo lost touch with the programme, and with it, the focus on his speech. 15 years later, Gerardo drew on his lifetime membership and reconnected with the programme at this course. His progress was amazing, as evidenced by the video diary he recorded over the four days – you can watch it at this link:

This course really showed that the McGuire Programme provides a platform for both new students and returning graduates to make real improvement with their speech, and to experience speaking freedom.

Australia’s next course is being held in Sydney, 16-20 September 2015.