Wellington Intensive Course 25th-29th November 2015

"Stutter School" hits the capital with a 4 day intensive course.

Public Speeches in Wellington's Cuba Mall

The McGuire Programme course delegates - post public speeches in Wellington's Cuba Mall. A positive and empowering experience for all.

Wellington, New Zealand.

If there was ever evidence needed that our programme is worldwide it is surely having two grads in the UK wake up at 6am on Friday in order to take part in the New Zealand phone call session 13,000 miles away. Jen and Dan thank you.

Only 2 new students for Wellington but 2 people for who we all know life will never be the same again.

General format of the course but without any split sessions all four day due to the hotel and the fact the new students were so strong they were happy to be pushed along with the old grads.

As for the old grads, they are the backbone of the course, all returning grads were perfect role models. Hard work and discipline mixed with warmth and compassion typified by a moving tribute by Ian Taylor to the late Adie Campbell.

What worked well:- the Sunday phone call session to friends and family was good for the new students to explain to their loved ones about the course under the coaches’ watchful eyes. Also 30 mins contacts on Sunday reinforced that this is a regular habit.

As for me, this is the 27th different city I have done a course in. Maybe travelling 80 hours for 50 hours of tuition is crazy. The fact is that 20 years on I still bloody love it.

As ever thanks to Dave for what he does. A kiwi grad labelled the checklist 'a work of genius’. I agree.

In Hayden Mischefski we have a new Regional Director. The New Zealand grads showed their support. I suspect the rest of the McGuire world will be happy to do the same.

See you all at the Middlesbrough support group next Tuesday.



In loving memory of Adie Campbell who supported the New Zealand programme and the people who she helped so much.