Bruce Whitfield
Christchurch, New Zealand

First Course:
Christchurch 2002

My parents tell me that when I was 4yrs old I had several months of bad dreams, & when the dreams stopped the stuttering started; though I don’t remember anything about either.

I do remember though about holding back & avoiding right from an early age. I have always had lots of good friends throughout my school years & working life, & my family has always shown great patience with regard to my stutter.

I have tried just about everything over the years to help my fluency. Speech therapy, elocution, relaxation classes, hypnotherapy, yoga, medication & self improvement courses. All without any or lasting success. Deep down inside however, I did feel it was possible to at least make some worthwhile progress with my speech.

In 1999, at the age of 54yrs I first heard about the McGuire Programme. Two & a half years later I attended my first 4-day intensive course here in Christchurch. Things went really well. My fear of speaking started to dissolve away, & my confidence grew, as I embraced the physical techniques & the positive mindset.

Since then it has been the journey of a lifetime. When my speech goes well so does everything else in my life. In April 2014 I plan to attend my 15th intensive course in Auckland, New Zealand. I have recently passed the McGuire Programme Primary Coach & Course Instructor re-certification exams & look forward to guiding & encouraging more people who stutter to travel down the road that graduates of the programme have chosen to begin.

I now have no fear of answering the telephone

I now have no fear of answering the telephone, & I can make ALL the calls I want to. I can confer, without frustration & embarrassment, with family members, friends & shop assistants. I have spoken at funerals, weddings (including my own) & other social gatherings. I have entered oratory competitions & been successful. At 66yrs young, life is GREAT!!!

If I can do, what I often thought was nearly impossible, so can you!

Fellow graduates are the living proof that the McGuire Programme really does work – if you are prepared to put in the time & effort.