Geoff Johnston
Geoff Johnston

First Course:
Sydney, July 1999

Geoff is the father of two children and “Pop” to three grand-daughters. He lives at Strathalbyn in Souther Australia and is involved in Toastmasters and several community service organisations.

Geoff was a chronic overt stutterer since the age of 2-3 years old and continued to suffer the consequences of out-of-control stuttering until he was about 55 despite more or less continuous traditional speech therapy during that time.

As a last ditch effort and without a lot of faith and hope given his history of unsuccessful treatment, Geoff joined the McGuire Programme in July 1999 and found he related easily to the holistic and sports mentality of the Programme.

The “playing to win” mentality and the ongoing coaching and sup¬port provided by the McGuire Programme was the turning point in Geoff being able to communicate effectively in the “real world”.

Such was the impact on Geoff’s life he left the IT industry after 35 years to devote his time, money and energy to helping other people who stutter to achieve effective communication and live the life they want without the shackles of stuttering holding them back.

Geoff is the Regional Director of the McGuire Programme in Australia and over the past 12 years has been closely involved in instructing and coaching over 1,000 people who stutter. He is an Accomplished Toastmaster, Silver Level and has won public speaking competitions.

Geoff regularly speaks to community groups about stuttering, presents at conferences, is interviewed on radio and television and teaches public speaking skills to the public. He is passionate about educating the public about stuttering and helping people who stutter to gain control over their speech and achieve “quality of life” changes.