Kate Salkeld
Christchurch, New Zealand

First Course:
Brisbane, 2017

I made the decision to give speech therapy another try after years of struggle and reaching my wit's end in 2017. I had to wait months for that first course after making my choice, going back and forth in wondering if I was doing the right thing, if it would ever work, but I reached the point where I just knew I had to do something.

One three hour flight across the Tasman later and four long, hard days of work, and I emerged feeling like a new person. McGuire has already changed my life, but has also given me the tools and confidence to continue doing so. It has also given me the fantastic opportunity to help others going through this same struggle and my training to become a Primary Coach is nearly complete.

It is not just about the big things, either. Giving presentations, speaking to my boss, or making public speeches. The capability to walk up to a counter and order lunch, ask a question, or say my own name with confidence and without fear are the small things that happen each and every day that I do not think I will ever take for granted. 

I truly have a new, and completely different, outlook on life and finally find excitement in the future.