Peter Nastasi
Melbourne, Australia

First Course:
Melbourne, October 2003

Prior to my first course, I was a covert stutterer who avoided feared words and situations.

My first McGuire Programme course, in Melbourne of October, 2003, changed my life dramatically.Not only did it empower me with the knowledge and tools I needed to make those changes, it gave me a new sense of pride and the freedom to achieve things I would have otherwise avoided.Conducting presentations and even giving speeches in front of audiences of up to 200 people were speaking situations I would have turned away from before, but the Programme gave me my confidence and self esteem back that I now see these situations as opportunities to face fears and broaden my experiences.I personally continue to challenge myself through being a member of Toastmasters.

I have since become and coach and course instructor and thoroughly enjoy presenting at the courses.It is the coaching of the students and graduates that I gain an enormous amount of satisfaction in making a positive difference to someone else’s life.

The people who have joined the McGuire Programme provide a wonderful network and invaluable support in which we all benefit, and not to mention making new and sometimes, lifelong friends.