Robert Lucas
Adelaide, Australia

First Course:
Sydney, January 1999

My name is Robert Lucas, from Adelaide in South Australia.

I have become a Staff Trainer, Course Instructor, Coach and do Evaluations for David McGuire.

I did my first course of the McGuire Programme in January 1999. I was a very bad stutterer who would shy away from every speaking situation, using every trick I could. My whole life was one of avoidances and only making friends through my wife and other friends. My wife Kaye and I live in the Adelaide Hills, I have two children and four grandchildren, and although trying hard to retire, I work as a contract CAD draughtsman and sometimes work away from home as an inspector on a high pressure gas pipeline.

My success on the programme is due to expanding my comfort zone and challenging myself in every speaking situation.

I joined Toastmasters and have had success in competitions. Represented South Australia in the 2004 humorous speech contest. Spoke to an audience of about 150 people, in the same year was Toastmaster of the year and gave an acceptance speech to about 200 Toastmasters.

I was instrumental in starting up the support group for the McGuire Programme in South Australia. I formed a Toastmasters club for the McGuire graduates which now boasts 20 members, half of which are fluent speakers. We are a successful club as we have had many participants in various speaking competitions.

I have appeared on numerous TV programmes and have made radio interviews and talk back shows. I have also completed an acting course which I found helped me immensely with being open with myself. The success of the programme hinges on the individual, by expanding your comfort zone and challenging your speech every day.

I am in the McGuire Programme to help myself, whilst helping other stutterers. I just love attending McGuire courses to help and to see the life-changing experiences new students go through.