Getting Good at the Sport of Speaking

Now revised and updated, The McGuire Programme official manual, Beyond Stuttering, documents the internationally recognised method that not only improves speech, but offers the enjoyment, not the dread, of speaking.

Uniquely, The McGuire Programme combines physical techniques (breathing and relaxation) with mental strategies for dealing with the fear of stammering, as well as how to develop an assertive attitude to the problem.

Beyond Stuttering

All attendees on our courses receive the official textbook. 

It is a great book for reading periodically as you progress in your personal journey to Eloquence and Freedom from stammering. - Wood Rock

The book is a must buy for everyone who is seriously looking to break free from the 'shackles'of stammering and attend a McGuire Course. - reDen

This book is a excellent book for stammerers wanting to overcome their fear of speaking.

The book is available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats.