To those who made this website possible.

Last year, a member of our programme, Sean Rees, who is now a coach, approached the leaders of his Branding company (Purpose, London) to help us improve our international internet presence.

Sean together with Nathan Webb and the Purpose Team created a unique branding package for us.

This not only included logos & colour schemes but also practical examples of how their new branding could improve our students learning experience and how we could use vidual iconography to help deliver courses.

They then joined forces with another McGuire graduate - our webmaster, Barry McGee of Integral Code to create the website you now experience.

A HUGE thank you to the team at Purpose for bringing us our new image, something we could never have afforded. 

Their efforts were also justly rewarded when they were asked to present their work to the acclaimed Point Conference in London during the Spring of 2013. The full video of their presentation is linked below and it offers a fantastic insight into how they created our new brand.

Point Conference – Authenticity in Design