Beginning of Brian Sellers journey to overcome his stutter (German Subtitles)

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Beginning of Brian Sellers journey to overcome his stutter

Brian Sellers' First Day & Public Speech videos from his first course at the McGuire Programme, an organisation run by stutterers, for stutterers - where stutterers help each other to speak with more confidence and eloquence.

These two videos were taken just three days apart. While his speech was much improved by the third day, the McGP's ongoing free support - and his continued hard work - have been instrumental in helping him to attain a level of control over his speech that he never thought possible.

The intro to this video also gives an example of Brian's speech now, and two years later. Brian is still work on his speech every single day, and is really excited about what the future holds.

"The McGuire Programme has been truly life-changing for me, and I'll be happy to give anyone who is interested more information about it if they are interested. Thanks very much, and I hope you enjoy!"

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