Fotos: McGuire Programm Course in Berlin for people who stutter (Stottern)

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Fotos: McGuire Programm Course in Berlin for people who stutter (Stottern)

For people who stutter, too often we approach our lives' biggest (and smallest) hurdles with dread, execute them with anxiety, & leave them with regret. Change your approach & your execution in 2017 with The McGuire Programme.

The McGuire Programme is run by people who stutter for people who stutter. Focusing on the mechanics of speech, the physiology and psychology of stuttering, confidence building and learning new techniques to control stuttering. We also deal with the fear of speaking using non-avoidance and assertiveness training techniques (face-to-face, group & telephone training)

Joining us also gives you the opportunity to meet other people who stutter and to improve your English speaking skills as the course will be held in English but there will be German translation if and when required from native German speakers.

InterCity Hotel Berlin Ostbahnhof 5, 10243 Berlin

22.-25.03.2017 - 3 Day initial courses - this is considered your ‘beginner course’ which gives you the confidence and the motivation to continue to apply the methods in the real world. Plus you will have access to our international support network of speech coaches available whenever you need assistance, practice or support.

Nr. of Participants:
The number of participants is unknown until a few weeks before a course. In Germany this can vary from 16 to 32 people in total. This is a combination of new students and returning members (aka graduates) who come back to get more advanced and to help the new students.

NEW MEMBER - Membership = €1.252 +19%VAT = €1.490
Non-Refundable Membership Deposit of €250
(Full payment for membership due by 03. March 2017)
**€1.240 refund on 02. day of 1st course if not satisfied**

McGuire Staff - Active Coaches, CIIs/CIs, RDs: No Charge

GRADUATE Refresher Fee Payable at Event
€30 One Day
€60 Two Days
€80 Full Course

This gives you unlimited access to our courses, refresher days, improvement days, challenging graduate weekends, fortnightly support group meetings and worldwide phone/video coaching support plus your own personal training coach.

Personal coach / Phone/Video coaching: No Charge

Contact info:
Emmet O’Connell:
Handy: +49 (0)176-83 4050 26
or Beate Köhler
Handy: +49 (0)171-3305038
Website: or
via our international website:

The course will be held in English.
Push out your comfort zones and join us for an international, multicultural course. 

For new applicants;
Please complete the online application form; LINK:

Or contact Emmet O'Connell on
Handynummer/SMS: +49 (0)176-83 4050 26
Festnetz +49 234 544 77163
Skype: emmet.o.connell

Current members please complete the Course Booking form LINK:
- This form is required for everyone who will be attending.

Space is limited so please book your place soon.