“Talk to me Frankfurt”

Frankfurt am Main was the destination city for people who stutter during the month of October 2017. Thirty four people decided to join us from over 19 different countries, three of them where totally new to the McGuire Programme and the techniques we use for dealing having a stutter.

Our Hard Working Heroes! McGuire Programme members having fun speaking in Frankfurt am Main October 2017

This was our third time visiting Frankfurt in the last two years. This was our second time to visit during the month of October, the last time was in October 2016. And the month of October is traditionally a time for people who stutter to celebrate ‘International Stuttering Awareness’; and this gave us a great opportunity to share what we do, and how well we do it. We decided to hold our own Public Awareness Event to raise public awareness for the hundreds of thousands of people – one percent of the Germany’s population – who have the speech disorder of stuttering (stottern), also known as stammering.

Our Public Awareness Event was held in conjunction with our usual Public Speaking Event; giving our members an opportunity to stand on a ‘soapbox’ and talk in front of hundreds of strangers. This time we setup in the middle of the ‘Zeil’. The Zeil is one of the biggest shopping promenades in Frankfurt that is home to well-known department stores, retail chains and specialty shops with thousands of shoppers and visitors. At our event, we decided to add an extra dimension. A ‘Talk to Me’ event, inviting strangers to come up to us and engage in conversation, talking about stuttering or something simple like the weather; the conversations didn’t have to be deep. This gave us the opportunity to practice our speaking techniques and to push out our comfort zones. Most people take speaking for granted, but don’t often talk with strangers. People in generally spend hours talking to friends; at the pub, over dinner or on the phone. But they don’t often talk to people they don’t know. There’s a recent study that suggests that, not talking is symptomatic of a growing isolation worldwide, and that we need to do something about it.

Talking is not only essential to our physical, mental and emotional well-begin, but to our well-being as a society. Studies have shown that having a simple conversation with a stranger increases well-being and people's sense of belonging to a community. Plus, in our own experience, it's fun! It’s sometimes challenging, but it gets easier the more times we engage with strangers. We love talking to people we don't know. Talking to strangers has had a big positive effect on our lives, and it’s a great way to practice. It makes us stronger, and builds up our confidence.

Talking for us is taking action; Talking is something we on the McGuire Programme like to do.

Do you like to talk, but you stutter? Or do you stutter and prefer not to talk? Do you want to do something about it?

Would you like to change your life? Would you like to get support on your journey as you make that change? There’s no better community like the McGuire Programme’s international network of people who stutter, helping people who stutter. make the right choice and contact us today. We have courses worldwide. Signup and select your preferred location. I look after Central Europe so why not join us in Germany in 2018

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