Course report 19-22 March 2014 Eindhoven

Hello everybody, I am writing this course report outside, in the garden. Spring is in the air: the sun is shining, birds are whistling, trees and flowers are growing and people are more happy. Yes it is the season of change. And what a perfect (and obvious) bridge to last week's intensive course in Eindhoven. This course was the second Dutch-only course here in Holland, with all course material in dutch. The Dutch region is still growing fast, due to the success of the tv series Sprakeloos (Speechless). We realise very well this success will not last forever, so one of our goals this course was to have a staff training and to prepare all returning grads more for one on one-coaching. We were hoping to get 3 new CII's and 5 new coaches to add to our team. These 8 people are experienced grads that have been active in the programme for a long time, long before the airing of the tv series. We have another staff training due in September. We expect that for course to have about 20 or even more experienced grads going for staff training, most of them from the generation after the tv series. I am glad to see that the first two waves after Sprakeloos produced many very hard working and inspiring grads that have coaching potential. We were always a small region in the past and because of that there was a lot of people leaving the programme. I would like to give my thanks again to all those people in the past that came overseas to help our region grow. I am very happy to see that now the region is bigger, we can give the support network that we offer on the website: it is simply stronger and people are sticking with the winners. It also shows in the number of new students that graduate from our courses. They all decided to stay for the third time in a row now. It shows that people are either afraid to leave the programme or that they actually enjoy it. I hope the latter! This course was a combined course: partly a regular intensive course and partly a staff training. I was a bit worried it would have been a lot of different hats to wear, but it went good. Frank Loomans did most of the instructing for the new students and returning grads and I did staff training in the other room. In this course report I will focus on the regular course and not so much on staff training. Once again thank you to all people involved and all the people in the present, past and future who believe and have fun in what we all do. Keep moving forward. Tim Bicanic