Course report Den Bosch 25-28 February 2015

For this course we had 24 new students (NS) and about 80 grads/coaches came over to attend the Den Bosch course. It was the first time the course was being held in Den Bosch.

The course was run by CI Dave Mannaert and Tim Bicanic. Course organizer: Frank Loomans.

Wednesday we started with the videos of the 24 new students. One lady was original from Hungary and one guy from Turkey but both live in The Netherlands now. The other 22 were from The Netherlands. 8 Covert en 16 overt. The course was in Dutch.

Friday the Hungarian lady decided to quit with the course because of illness. Another new student was really doing well and well progressed in dealing with his own stuttering problem that he felt confident enough to leave the course.

The remaining NS went out on contacts with the coaches to demonstrate how to make contacts. The reporting back was good.

Also with the telephone session there is room for improvement. Coaches opposite the NS will have a sheet on which the weapons are mentioned. So the coach can point out certain weapon/techniques to use/focus on.

Saturday the NS had to do the contacts themselves, and the public speak. All went very well, with 100+ contacts for all news students. Because Den Bosch is a very nice city the contact went pretty ‘easy’.

The farewell speeches were for some news students really emotional, but all were very good. Also the covert speaker really did their upmost.

Congratulations to the NS for doing a great job and their great results.

We also would like to thank everybody who helped making this course possible.

Best regards,

Dave Mannaert (CI)
Tim Bicanic (CI)

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