Course Report November 2015 Eindhoven

*block release*,

These two words had been said many times during the latest Eindhoven course. With 11 NS and approximately 70 grads/coaches coming back throughout the whole course, the room was full of energy and interaction.

‘Energy’ and ‘interaction’ were also applicable for us, CI’s. Mariëlle and me complemented each other and proved to be a strong team. Furthermore, RD Frank Loomans had organized an ‘energetic’ course with very inspirational workshops, also from people outside McGuire.

We were happy to welcome 9 Dutch and 2 Belgian students in Eindhoven. Most of the new students were overt. In the end all the NS decided to stay. They were willing to and worked really hard. Furthermore, all of them were open, honest and willing to change.

Eindhoven is still a great venue for a McGuire course. The Hampshire Hotel is located in the center of the city and therefore very practical if it comes to making contacts and grabbing dinner or lunch. The funny thing this course was the hotel staff recognizing most of the students and vice versa. Another example of ‘interaction’

Congratulations to all NS! They are powerful new members to our McGuire community. Furthermore, we would like to thank Dave, Frank and everybody in the Benelux, but also from all over the world, for pushing out this wonderful programme.
Mariëlle Hali & Fintan van Berkel