McGuire Programme Comes To Deutschland

We are very excited to be offering a series of 'Information Sessions' in Germany in late January and throughout February 2015.


Over the last few years The McGuire Programme has received many enquiries from people in living Germany requesting that we bring the programme to them. We now have great news for you, it's offically here, starting January 2015. We hope that this is the start of a very exciting venture in helping many people with a stuttering problem who live in Germany.

The initiative is being led by Emmet O'Connell, an Irish man living in Bochum, Germany with his wife, Daniela. Emmet has been a member of the programme since Febraury 2004. He has worked extremely hard on his speech and he has taken his learnt techniques out to the real world, through local and international media coverage via newspaper interviews, radio interviews and live TV appearances.

Emmet quickly become a coach on the programme, just 4 months after starting his first course. He is a very active member of the programme and continually helps new and existing members to gain control of their speech using the McGuire tools and techniques. Soon after becoming a coach, Emmet become a course instructor and has since instructed 5 intensives courses throughout his homeland, Ireland. He also become a staff trainer helping and training existing members and coaches to become coaches and instructors respectively. Emmet also facilitated one of the many fortnightly support group meetings scattered throughout Ireland. Emmet facilitated the biggest support group, the one located in Ireland's capital city 'Dublin'. These meetings have inspired and motivated many members to continual work on their speech on a daily basis and gain full control of their speech.

Emmet is a Technical Architect with over 20 years experience in the business but decided to explore his passion for design and setup his own business in webdesign and has been working in this sector since 2009.

Emmet recenlty received an invitation from Dave McGuire (the McGuire Programme's founder) to become the Regional Director in Germany and like all challenges that comes Emmet's way, he accepted the offer without hesitation. Welcome abroad Emmet!

And now over to you Emmet!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, I'm really looking forward to helping out so many people who stutter here in Germany. This is going to be a very exciting and busy new year. I've got so many things to organise! BUT first things first, I have to let the people of Germany know that we are here - right here, RIGHT NOW! So . . .

We will be offering a series of 'Information Sessions' in Germany in late January and throughout February 2015.

These information sessions will be held in various locations in Germany zB. Bochum, Essen, Dortmund, Köln and Dûsseldorf.

If you are interested in attending one of these information sessions, please fill in the form via the following link below:

Click here to Register Your Interest

You can also contact Emmet O'Connell via email

Or you can contact him via mobile on +49 176 834 05026 or telephone on +49 234 544 77163

Our first course will be held in Düsseldorf and the second course in Frankfurt with many other major cities to be announced very soon.