McGuire Programme Course Report Eindhoven

May 2015, The Netherlands.

Friday evening, after the second full day, 20 new students (NS) were asked to describe the course in just one word. ‘Liberating’, ‘Super!’, ‘Heavy’, ‘Chill’, ‘I-opener’, and ‘Inspiring’ were only a couple of the 20 words that went onto a big sheet of paper.
But now let’s turn things around. What word would we, as instructors, use to describe all of them?

From Wednesday evening on, every single one of them showed a lot of courage and commitment in taking the first steps to become an eloquent speaker. One (especially the coverts) having a harder time than the other, but all NS progressed a lot over the days, something that was clearly seen on Saturday during the Harrison workshops, the public speeches and the fantastic family speeches they all gave.

During the course, it was made sure all NS were given the best assistance. Many thanks to all coaches and grads for all their effort! It cannot be emphasized enough that you guys are the NS’ direct line of contact and assistance, and that you, once again, really contributed to the great progress all NS made over the course!

This time we even had McGuire ice cream! Frank Loomans and Imco Osinga convinced a local ice cream shop to hand out blue and white McGuire ice to the NS during their 100+ contacts session. It proved to be a fun challenge for the NS.

Finally, a big thanks for all people involved in this course. We couldn’t have done it without you. And, of course, a warm welcome and all the best to the NS who are now part of the McGuire family!

Dave & Chris