Refresher/Improvement Day in Essen, Germany

Saturday 19. November 2016; Five members of the German McGuire Programme travelled far and wide to attended a Refresher/Improvement Day in Essen, Germany.

McGuire Programme members who attended the Refresher/Improvement Day in Essen, Germany

So far this year we have held three 3-Day Intensive Courses in various locations around Germany. After each 3-Day Intensive Course we hold a 1-Day Refresher/Improvement Day to help the New Students and the existing members to reinforce the techniques and build a solid community of stutterers helping stutterers become strong eloquent speakers. The main focus of the Refresher/Improvement Day was to enhance our speaking techniques and to offer further support to the New Students who had completed their 01. McGuire Programme Course only 4 weeks earlier and to help them on their journey to controlling their stutter. It was also a great opportunity for our existing members to dedicate a solid day on working on their own speech and making it stronger.

During our Refresher/Improvement Days we practice the techniques to reinforce what we learnt on the Berlin course. We aslo covered topics that are not generally covered during the 3-Day Intensive Courses and we had presentations on the day focusing on both the physical and psychological aspects of stuttering.

During the day we went out on to the streets of Essen for a period of 2 hours to practice our technique and to reduce our fears of talking to strangers. This time we mainly focused on doing Disclosures in shops.

Everyone who attended stated that they had benefited from attending, some members even travelled up to 9 hours (each way) and that shows dedication and commitment to becoming a strong speaker. And even though the numbers were low it was still a great opportunity to push ourselves more as there was loads of changes to express yourself and ask many questions.

2016 has been a great year for the German McGuire Programme Region and with each course we are growing stronger in numbers and with using the techniques to strenghten our communication skills.

For future events and courses in Germany for 2017 check our website links above.

Our next 3-Day Intensive Course will be held in Berlin 01.-04.02.2017