Stuttering course November 2016 Eindhoven

Intensive course in The Netherlands for overcoming stuttering

Intensive course in The Netherlands for overcoming stuttering

Course report
Region: Benelux
Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Date: 23-26 November 2016
CI’s : Tim Bicanic & Rolf Boink
RD: Frank Loomans

Baby it’s cold outside is playing on the radio while I am writing this.  Winter is coming, it is the season of change. And change is the motto of this course report.

Last week in Eindhoven, Holland, 11 people decided they had enough of their daily struggle with their speech. It was time for a change. Some knew about the programme for 5 years before entering the programme. The usual mix of coverts and overts. All men this time. It is always inspiring to see the change in mindset in just 3 or 4 days.

My co-course instructor was Rolf Boink. Now 3 years into the programme, a young smart man with a lot of future within the McGuire world. He became a coach last year and last summer he moved on to become a course instructor intern. The course went very well. My previous course I had instructed was already almost 2 years ago, it was interesting to see the new PowerPoint slides and some new teachings in action.

It actually was a very good course. When you find yourself struggling to write down moments that could have went better, you know it was a good one. Nothing new, nothing very exciting to report. This could be my most boring course report ever. I have to say the whole group of new students was very mellow as well. Usually you have 2 or 3 overts that take the ball and start running with it. It brings an energy we can all feel, they fill the room with their sounds and energy and become the leaders of the new group sort to speak.  There were no people like that during this course. They all grew at the same time, they were all a bit timid at first. It was not until the Harrison workshops that I finally saw some change. They were all pumped to go out on contact and they all did a great job.

The course setup was a usual, so nothing new to report there. But the tears of freedom by the new students expressing their worries and successes was very rewarding. The small rewards you get as a teacher of course instructor in this program is when you see little mental changes in the new people. And sometimes a small change can become something big over the years. 

I would like to thank everybody involved in making this course another success. With now ten years into the programme and a leading a very busy but rewarding life (family, work, own business) I want to give one final shout out to all the people who invested in our region back in the day, when we were all smaller. I am a big boy now. Thank you McGuire programme and thank you McGuire family for kickstarting my life.