Frank Loomans
Frank Loomans
The Netherlands

First Course:
Eindhoven, September 2009

(Translated with Google Translate)

Starting in 2012, I have the task of program coordinator at the McGuire-stotterprogramma taken in the Netherlands on me. I organize McGuire courses and control everything that comes with it.

Since primary school I stutter. I soon realized that if I kept my mouth shut and went tricky situations and speak words out of the way, I could work around my stuttering.

Eventually I managed to get away with it yet here during my school days. Later when I went to work, I could hide my stutter less and less and I struggled to cope with this. This, I decided to seek help.

In my quest to stuttering 'get rid' I tried everything; speech therapy, various stutter, hypnotherapy and more. Sometimes a particular approach did help for a while, but then I always came back to my old way of speaking.

In 2009 this changed when I heard someone enthusiastically and eloquently tell about his participation in the McGuire program. Although I was skeptical because of my previous disappointing experiences with other therapies, I decided this program still a chance.

During and especially after the course I noticed the difference: for the first time in my life I felt really free to say what, how and who I wanted to say something. This gave such an overwhelming feeling that I quickly decided to completely go for!

Since then, my speaking and personal development gained momentum. Not only have I learned better with my stuttering to go, but I have pleasure in speaking. In addition, I am now more positive, assertive and freer life.

Thanks to the program I now know what it means to take responsibility and I have come to understand that stuttering is more than not only can come from your words. That's how I found out that my years of evasive behavior my stuttering just kept intact. This deep-rooted behavior break and replaced by new behavior takes time and perseverance and is part of the process towards eloquence. If you continue to use all the possibilities offered by the McGuire program, I am convinced that eloquence for everyone who stutters is possible.