Tim Bicanic
Tim Bicanic
The Netherlands

First Course:
Amsterdam, May 2007

(Translated with Google Translate)

From mouse to lion in 3 days. So I always describe the three-day course. My first course was in 2007. I remember that I was the thirty passed and was totally satisfied with my life. Stuttering was the biggest cause. Now, six years later, much has changed in my life. I used to chose the path of least resistance, I'm just going to confrontations. Because dealing with stuttering is more than just not stutter: it is precisely the courage and have the guts to say what you want, who you want and at what time.

The McGuire Programme for me after years of therapy and speech therapy a hit and that I should bring all my knowledge and experience to the younger generations, I find very very special. Each person is different, every stutterers is different. But it all yet we seem secretly a bit on each other and we have one common goal: to help each other better with our stutter learning to go.