El primer curso McGuire en España, abre el camino al control de la tartamudez

The McGuire Program has helped thousands of people who stutter to gain better control of their stuttering.


The McGuire Programme opened its doors in Barcelona May 1st 2014, with 3 new students. Since 1994 the McGuire Programme has helped thousands of people worldwide who stutter to gain control of their speech. It is not a cure, nor a shortcut to remove or hide your stuttering; however, with hard work and perseverance the result speaks for itself, literally!

The first intensive course in Spain was instructed by Chris Cooksey, a person who stuttering like all the members of the McGuire Programme, but after years in the program has gained great control over his speech. Chris taught a new habit of speaking and breathing resulting in significant control over of the stutter. The course took us back to basics concerning breathing, pauses, eye contact, voice projection and assertiveness. Step by step during the course, the students having the support from the coaches in the programme faced their fears and challenged themselves talk to at least 100 strangers on the street. It is noteworthy that in addition to this, all new students gave a public speech at Plaza Universidad in the center of Barcelona.

The support of 5 British grads that came to Barcelona to continue working on controlling their stutter helped out to give face to face support and instruct the new students on the McGuire technique and the art of being an eloquent speaker.

The support from coaches, who know from experience how it is to live with a stammer and the frustration, hopelessness, avoidance caused, plays an important role in the McGuire Programme.
If you are looking for a solution to your stutter, if you are willing to work hard and persevere, then the McGuire Programme is for you. We offer a lifetime membership that can be used worldwide. We have hundreds of certified coaches who know how it is to live with a stutter and how to control it by guiding you step by step to controlling your own stutter and become an eloquent speaker.

The next course in Spain is planned for autumn 2014

For more information, send an email to Nicklas Bengtsson, Regional Director of Spain: nicklas.bengtsson@mcguireprogramme.com