McGuire Programme comes to Spain

We're very happy to share that McGuire Programme courses will be held soon in Spain. The first course is scheduled for next Spring 2014 in sunny Malaga!

First courses will be held bilingual, both in Spanish and English, inviting both Spanish and English speaking graduates.

Mexico was the first Spanish-speaking region where the program was started.

Having the opportunity to help people taking controlling over their stuttering has been a very rewarding experience, and therefore I’m eager to spread the program to let more people benefit from the programme.

Several people from Spain and Portugal have shown interest in the McGuire Programme, we hope this is the beginning of a remarkable journey to help many people with stuttering problem. 

The initiative is led by Nicklas Bengtsson, Certified Instructor and Coach in the Programme with prior experience in teaching courses and providing support to several students, mostly in Mexico.

An inspirational, proactive, courageous and successful person, who also stutters. He took his first 3-day intensive course in Las Vegas, USA in 2011.

Nicklas Bengtsson tells us his story:

I lived stuttering uncontrollably (blocks, tension in the vocal cords, freezing of the diaphragm, combined with struggle trying to push out words and sounds) from childhood until the age of 33. My stuttering has been a limiting factor in many aspects of my life. The list of therapies that I have tested is long: hypnosis, speech therapists, group therapy, medication and even injection of BOTOX on my vocal cords. Unfortunately without a successful long-term results. The McGuire programme has been the key to change my life concerning my stuttering. After my first course, being three days of hard work, I felt that I could control my words and knew how to take control over my stuttering. For the first time in my life, I was not afraid to speak.

With the tools learned during the McGuire Programme, I was willing to participated in radio and television interviews in Mexico, I have overcome the fear of public speaking and I have taken the certification to become a Coach and Instructor in the McGuire Programme, this means that I daily support other people in the program and at the same time working with my own speech to be an eloquent speaker.

To apply for more information about The McGuire Programme in Spain - sign up here.