I’ve done my research about the McGuire Programme, but I am surprised by the fee?

The fee for lifetime membership of the McGuire Programme covers not only the first intensive course, but also our full support programme.

Consistent follow-up support includes unlimited opportunity to attend further intensive courses, the assistance of a personal coach, continuous telephone and internet support, and access to group meetings not only in your own area and throughout the country, but in every part of the world where there is an active McGuire Programme.

We believe the membership fee, which includes all these benefits, to be relatively modest and to be good value.

The McGuire Programme is not subsidised by public or private health insurances, nor is it a registered charity.

Bear in mind, too, that the balance of the fee is not payable until the second day of your first course.

Because we want you to feel comfortable about your decision to join the Programme, we give you time and opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the Programme for yourself.

Only then will you decide, quite freely, whether to continue. In many cases, employers in the public and private sectors are willing to contribute all or some of the Programme fee for employees.

On our own initiative and at our own discretion, we continue to offer scholarships in cases of financial hardship.