What opinions do speech and language therapists have of the McGuire Programme?

From the beginning, we have engaged positively with the professional community, obtained their views and input, and worked cooperatively for the improved prospects of people who stammer.

Many speech therapists have attended our intensive courses and suggested changes that have improved aspects of our programme.

Others have sought to learn from our approach and have referred clients to us.

Although we have always had an open door policy for professionals (SLPs, MDs, Psychologist, etc.) who work with those who stutter to observe our courses, experience has shown us that our techniques and approaches should not be used by these observers for the following reasons:

· The physical techniques are part of a system including mental strategies and unlimited support that only the McGuire Programme can supply.
· These techniques and approaches require intensive courses to be effective.
· If any part is taught incorrectly, or without the necessary extended intensity, the result will almost always be failure. It has been our experience that those who fail an ineffective copycat programme will lose motivation for ever trying such techniques/approaches again.