You say that the goal for students of the McGuire Programme is eloquence. Why do you aim for eloquence and not for fluency? What is the difference?

Many people who stammer – perhaps most – enter stammering therapy wishing to become fluent. After years of negative speaking experiences, this is understandable. However, it is a paradox that fluency, when pursued above all else, can be a self-defeating goal.

Much more productive is to start with self-acceptance. Learning to accept ourselves fully in the role of people who stammer can be challenging, but it is the crucial first step beyond stammering. Interestingly, by taking the focus away from fluency as a primary objective, fluency is often achieved as a by product.

We aim for eloquence because we want you to take pride in your role as a speaker. Indeed, many of our members are involved in public speaking organisations such as Toastmasters, Association of Speakers Clubs, and Rostrum.

McGuire Programme graduates regularly win public speaking awards.