Information Meeting - Santiago, Chile - July 12th.

The Chilean Stuttering Foundation and The McGuire Programme Latin America open the doors to raise awareness and inform the public about stuttering and how to live with it. Congratulations to Juan Pablo Villagra ( McGuire Graduate - May 2015 ) for his outstanding participation!

Information gathering - Santiago de Chile, July 12. 11:00 am.

The Chilean Stuttering Foundation ( in a strong effort for raising awareness and providing information to the community of people who stutter, families and friends organized a gathering to present the McGuire Programme Latin America.

Words of our graduate Juan Pablo Villagra:

The talk was divided into three parts. The first part sharing chronologically about my own stuttering, experiences in the childhood-adolescence and adulthood. I also mentioned experiences with my stuttering in my social circles, my student life, relationships, etc, in all areas of my life. An anecdote which caused much laughter in people was that once a new schoolmate asked me "why you speak like that”?

The second part was intended to explain the McGuire Programme with the introduction of the "Open Day". This began with a video of my stutter while reading (this is the testimony of my totally naked stuttering with repetitions, without using tricks or pre made phrases) .

The second part correctly culminated with the explanation of all the slides in the open Day and a reading of the words of my Coach Alfredo González.

Then we proceeded with questions and answers.  Almost everyone asked about the price and accommodation, which was answered as to what applies for the program. Membership and possibility of scholarships were presented. There was the interrogation of why the “high investment” cost.  (Holistic approach)

Finally talk ended with a link live via skype with the Regional Director of the program Mr. Alfredo González, who had a small session of questions and answers.


Some notes from the talk:

-The people insist that the cost of the program is high for the reality of Latin America. An answer to this was that it is an international value but there are possibilities for scholarships, yet I shared my point of view (do you prefer to buying  a Play station 4 instead of investing in your stuttering?.)

-Also mentioned for the integration of the Programme in Latin America, the short-term objective is to perform at least two courses a year (also enhancing the value of the membership)


Some suggestions on my part:

-I think that participants should be limited to people with stutter or relatives / friends. External people, such as therapists or curious can generate noise and distrust, despite having nothing to hide.

-Excellent organization and great idea of Gustavo Sandoval (President of the Chilean Stuttering Foundation) and the homeowner Luis Valenzuela. It is a good idea of "Cycle of talks" of treatments for stutterers

Also showing the testimonies before and after of graduates Malcolm Cisneros and Jorge Garza.


Personally from a scale of 1 to 10, I put myself a 9. At the beginning I was very nervous and excited, because it was my first public exhibition after the course. I want to do it again, as a personal goal.

In relation to the tools used in the program, first of all I used the costal belt, not avoiding any situation or challenging Word. I felt a few blocks, since I personally feel that the basic cycle of speech helps a lot to control my stuttering. What I learned most of this talk was the very important work being done by the belt giving us more awareness and safety of our speech.

Juan Pablo Villagra



For more information on our next course in Santiago de Chile :

Date: September 2, 2015.

Deadline for entries : August 27, 2015.

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